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Wifi vs non-wifi​ baby monitors

July 1, 2020

Wifi vs non-wifi​ baby monitors

July 1, 2020

Having baby number 2 we thought we knew what we wanted in a baby monitor. Turns out, there were so many to choose from we got overwhelmed. The two main options were:~ Wifi Monitors that use an app on your phone so you can see and hear baby.~ Non-Wifi monitors that have a portable screen you can carry around with you.
When we had Sawyer, Jason had to have the Arlo baby monitor because we have the Arlo security system. We thought that the wifi monitor was the best option. We rarely used the Arlo Monitor because we didn’t like how the monitor communicated with the app and Sawyer was always with us.This time, we are planning on Sienna sleeping in her own space (in our room) and want to make sure that if we leave the room to shower, go downstairs or just need to walk out of the room we can still hear and see what is going on.
We have a new Wifi baby monitor and we have a non-wifi monitor. Here are the pros and cons of each:
Non-Wifi Monitor:* PRO: Non-wifi monitors are “supposed to be” unhackable because you can only operate the monitors within a certain distance . * PRO: If the wifi was to go out, we are still able to check on the kids through the monitor. * CON: The screens will need to be charged so you can be wireless and walk around.  (just because it’s another thing i have to remember to charge, so I try to leave it plugged in all night while we sleep)* CON: The non-wifi monitors have to be within a certain range in order for the camera to transmit to the screen. (I like being able to check on the kids, no matter where I am, if they are on camera)
Wifi Baby Monitor:* PRO: You can monitor the baby from anywhere because the cameras are connected to the internet. * PRO:  App and/or website based to utilize the monitor on different devices. * CON: Due to the necessary internet connection, it makes it easier for someone to hack into the camera.* CON: If you do not have wifi, you will be unable to use the monitor. 
In short, we have the wifi baby monitor on the wall in Sawyer’s room over his bed but we tend to use the non wifi monitor more because we can take it around the house without having to carry our phone or tablet with us. We also use the non-wifi monitor at night because of the screen and not having to utilize a device while we’re sleeping.

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