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Ready Slim

August 17, 2022

Ready Slim

August 17, 2022

Wakey, Wakey! Time to get up and at em’. Sometimes I struggle in the morning with being able to get up and get to work after a restless night of co sleeping with Sawyer and Sienna but with the Ready Slim Wakey Wakey Tea I am finding it a bit easier to be able to get going. The Wakey Wakey Cleansing Tea offers natural herb ingredients to help boost your energy it can also help to relieve bloating, which I tend to struggle with now that I am almost 30 and had two babies.

Making the tea in the morning is quite easy with littles running around. I warm up some water in the microwave until the water is to an almost boiling temperature, then I add in the tea bag and I make sure to use the Snail Tea Bag holder that attach to your cup. The string on the bag slips under the snail against the cup and the snail will hold the string to the side of the cup while the tea is steeping, meaning I dont have to try and fish the tea bag out if it were to fall into the cup and how cute are the little snails?!

The Wakey Wakey Tea is blended with 9 organic and metabolism-boosting herbs:

Organic Yerba mate – known to boost energy, reduce fatigue, and curb your appetite and cravings.
Organic Green Rooibos – packed with antioxidants, boosts your metabolism and digestion.
Organic Apple – rich in vitamin C to help strengthen your immune system, helps regulate blood sugar, and improves digestion.
Organic Lemon Verbena – suppresses appetite, curbs cravings, and boots metabolism.
Organic Ginger – Ginger helps burn more calories and powerful for fighting against bloating.
Organic Eleuthero Root – accelerate your bodys fat- burning process and maintains a higher level of metabolism.
Organic Nettle Leaf – packed with vitamins to help strengthen your immune system.
Organic Milk Thistle – improve digestion and protects the liver. Also helps regulate blood sugar levels.
Passion Fruit Flavour – to add a touch of flavor to the tea.

Each of these herbs were handpicked to help boost your metabolism, help flush toxins and reduce your bloat. 

Ready Slim also offers the night time detox tea. The Snoozzzy tea helps boost your immunity, freshen your breath (who doesnt love having fresh breath), and improves your sleep quality ( I am all for better sleep quality).

Help relieve bloating and boost your metabolism while you sleep. Just like the Wakey Wakey tea, the Snoozzzy Night Cleansing Tea has 9 organic and sleep-inducing herbs:

Organic Red Rooibos – packed with antioxidants which can fight stress and help relax your body.
Organic Chamomile – packed with anti-inflammatory properties, promote better digestion, improve sleep quality, control blood sugar levels, and improve heart health.
Organic Peppermint – Peppermint has strong calming effects and will boost your metabolism.
Organic Lemon Verbena – suppress appetite, curb cravings, and boost metabolism
Organic Nettle Leaf – packed with vitamins to help strengthen your immune system and improve digestion.
Organic Orange Peel – Rich in vitamin C and fibers, orange peel supports better digestion. Its anti-inflammatory properties help ease indigestion and gastrointestinal problems.
Organic Lavender – helps promote deeper sleep and has a calming effect on the body.
Organic Rosemary – full of antioxidants which have anti-inflammatory properties.
Organic Valerian Root – valerian root is a natural sedative that helps improve sleep, promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

Since I cosleep with Sawyer and Sienna falling into a restful sleep can be difficult but the Snoozzzy Tea helps you fall into a deep, restful sleep while you say goodbye to toxin buildup. Even as you’re snoozing you can reduce inflammation, reduce water retention, and boost digestion, meaning you can feel slim right when you wake up. Who doesnt love waking up feeling and appearing slimmer because they arent as bloated as the night before? I know I can appreciate this!

Using the Ready Slim Teas has offered so many new and amazing benefits for me. From boosting my energy and immune system, to helping me not feel as bloated as I once did. You can purchase the Ready Slim Tea (also available in detox tea bundle) on their website and use code CHEVONE20 for 20% off.

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